Chapter 29



The house was warm and Abby did not hesitate to take her jacket off as she entered the library where she found another note hanging on the curtain entrance to the theater that simply read, ‘IN HERE’.

“What is this?” asked Abby.  The theater lights were an amber hue, the aroma of pine and popcorn made a peculiar combination.  On a table between two of the cushioned chairs sat a large bucket of popcorn.

Mitch spoke from behind the back wall, “What’s it look like?  We’re going to test this baby out.  Sit down and I’ll dim the lights.”

“Ok then,” said Abby.  She took her seat and set her jacket next to her, as she leaned back the chair went into a reclining position and at the bottom of the seat a footrest quickly shot out.  “This is nice.”

Mitch came out from behind the back wall with a bottle of champagne and two flutes in one hand and a remote control in the other.

“What’s back there?” asked Abby.

“A kitchenette and a projection booth.  Have some Milk Duds,” said Mitch.  Mitch revealed a box under the remote control, “and take these if you will,” he handed her the two champagne flutes.  Out of Mitch’s back pocket he pulled a towel that he wrapped around the neck of the champagne.

“The trick is not to spray this all over the new furniture,” said Mitch.  He twisted the top of the towel.  ‘POP’, the cork released in his hand and he removed the towel to pour the champagne.

“Well this is class,” said Abby.

“The best way to launch,” said Mitch.  He poured the two flutes full of champagne and then sat down in the chair opposite the table from Abby.  He lifted the flute to her and toasted, “It’s magic time.”

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