Chapter 29



The only vehicle parked outside the garage was Mitch’s yellow pickup.  The other workers were gone for the day and the Johansson house looked desolate.  Maybe because of the size of the house or because no one had lived there for so long, either reason the house had always appeared eerily vacant to Abby any time she looked at the vacuous windows.  She parked the truck and went to the kitchen door where she had entered before.  Taped on the kitchen door window was a note written in black marker that read, ‘GO TO THE FRONT DOOR’, in capital letters.  Assuming work was probably being done on the floors of the kitchen, or some adjoining area, Abby walked around the driveway to what Mitch had called the guest entrance.  She looked forward to having lunch with Mitch and then maybe spending the afternoon together if he could get away.

They had not seen each other since they had kissed a couple of days before.  Their eyes had been locked on each other the rest of the evening and Abby had used all of her strength to not cuddle against him when they went back into the bar.  When the time came for Brian to drive her home she could have easily let herself leave with Mitch.  She was glad he had not offered.  She only had three beers at the bar still Abby felt that she had little control before she ever arrived.  The intoxication came from somewhere else.

Once on the porch Abby saw another note taped to one of the large oak doors that read, ‘COME IN TO THE LIBRARY’.  Remembering what her father had said about the urns made her smile as she walked past them.  In the foyer, she was hit by the smell of popcorn.

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