Chapter 28



Abby let Will leave the room without saying another word to him.  She had decided that he was going to accept Nathan coming on board peacefully enough and this was better than she had hoped for.

“That didn’t go so bad,” Abby said to Nathan after Will had stepped out of the room.  Nathan picked up the near empty bottle of wine and poured the remainder into Abby’s glass.  “That’s because he was drunk.  I could have lit the place on fire and he probably wouldn’t have minded as long as I was polite about it,” said Nathan.

Abby knew that to be true.  Abby had surmised that Will had been drinking all day out of her sight.

“It’s a start,” said Abby.

“Agreed,” said Nathan.

Abby got up from the table and began clearing the dinner plates.  Nathan stood up and started to help by clearing the serving bowls from the table and putting them on the counter.  Abby took the serving bowls from him before he had a chance to set them down.

“Go on into the other room, I’ll get some cake for us,” said Abby.

“What about the roads?  Should I be worried about getting out of here?” asked Nathan.

“Oh, I am pretty sure Will was right.  You’re staying in the guest room tonight.  I already had it freshly made up, just in case,” said Abby.

“In for a penny, in for a pound,” said Nathan.

“You’re in for something, that’s for sure,” said Abby.

* * * * *

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