Chapter 28



“So you were a babysitter?” asked Will.

“Will, he was not a babysitter,” said Abby.

“Actually,” said Nathan, “I kinda was, in a lot of ways.  Maybe not a babysitter exactly, but I was around if anybody needed anything.  And stuff needed to get done, the shopping, the laundry, the cleaning.”

“There ya see,” said Will.

Abby weighed Will’s comment, not sure whether he was patronizing Nathan.  Will had appeared to like Nathan yet maybe that was a ploy.

“I can certainly use some help like that around here,” said Will.  Abby did not have any words for a moment.

“Abby tells me I can’t seem to keep up with anything anymore.  I guess she’s right.  Besides, I’m back ordered in the studio and some help would free up my time.”

“This was too easy,” thought Abby, “Will could not be giving in without a fight.”  She was certain that Nathan would find Will capricious by his next actions, yet they did not come.

“Yes,” said Abby, “as we discussed, there are a lot of things that need to be done around here once I get back to the city.”

“Great, let’s go over them after dinner,” said Nathan.  “Will, tell me more about the Bellen studio.”  Abby thought this genius of Nathan to change the subject and to one of Will’s favorites.  So, with pride, Will went on to discuss in detail, aspects about firing passed down through the Bellen pedigree.

After Will and Nathan each had two servings of lasagna, Will excused himself from the table.

“I thought we might go over some of the tasks that you have in mind for Nathan before he starts,” said Abby.

“You go right ahead,” said Will, “ I’m going into the other room to stoke the fire and rest for a moment.  You two should join me when you’re done.”

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