Chapter 28



Will was not an atheist, or even agnostic.  He believed in God all right, he just had some issues with him.  Issues in particular concerning the death of his wife and son.

Nathan bowed his head again, closed his eyes behind his glasses, and spoke slowly and solemnly,

“We thank thee, O Lord, for this food,

And for the health of those here to share it today.”

Good thought Abby, brief and to the point.

Nathan went on,

“May we use it to nourish our bodies,

And thee, O Lord, to nourish our souls.”

Abby peeked over at Will, his head was bowed, a good sign.

“Make us ever more mindful of the needs of others,

And the needs of our planet.

For we have the benefits they do not,

And we have you, O Lord.”

Abby could tell Will was rubbing his teeth with his tongue by the way his cheeks and lips were being pushed from his gums.  Nathan had more prayer to share,

“May we be ever thankful,

And forget not those benefits.

Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.”

“Amen,” said Abby.

“Amen,” said Will in a slightly enthusiastic voice, “Covered the world on that one too, good job.  Now let’s enjoy this dinner,” Will paused, tilted his head to the side and made an ear to ear grin, “before this risotto dries out.”

Abby portioned the lasagna and served Will and Nathan while all three talked about how everything on the table looked so good.  The subject of grace and God had passed and Abby, relieved at that, decided to move forward with her task.

“Nathan tell us about what you were doing in Fremont before moving to the village,” said Abby.

“I was a caregiver,” said Nathan.

“What does that mean – caregiver?” asked Will.

“Well the shared home where I worked was the residence of six people ranging from around my age to the mid-fifties.  Two of the residents were not ambulatory, the other four were, and all had health conditions that necessitated either twenty-four hour care or basic help.  I performed various activities from mowing the lawn to monitoring people while they slept, which basically meant just being at the house a couple nights a week in case anyone needed anything.”

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