Chapter 28



Will stopped talking about the pedigree, “Hey there Abby.  Nathan and I were just getting to know one another.”

“You two disappeared on me,” said Abby.  Just getting to know one another, her father was a very charming man and she was a bit scared for Nathan.

“Your father was just telling me all about the studio and how your great-grandfather built it,” said Nathan.  His voice sounded confident, just as charming she thought.  Good, he was not going to let himself be sucked in.

Will tilted his head back and let his chest pump out, “Did you know Nathan has been to the Bellen installation at the Fremont museum?  They still have it there.”

Will was quite proud of the museum installation and the stories about his grandfather.  Bellen pottery was renowned in his grandfather’s own generation making him a local celebrity.

“You don’t still go every year to check on it?” asked Abby.

“Not like I used too,” said Will.

“I’m glad the two of you are talking, but dinner is on the table,” said Abby.

“Oh my risotto,” said Will, “don’t want it to dry out.”

“Might as well bring the wine while you’re at it,” said Abby.

The three went back into the house and sat at the table, Will across from Nathan.  Abby was quite pleased that Will and Nathan were getting along, which essentially meant that Will did not hate Nathan.  She watched Will as he picked up his fork and Nathan bowed his head.  “This could be bad,” she thought.

“Do you say grace?” asked Will.

Nathan raised his head, looked across the table to Will with an impish smile, “Yes Will, I do.  I take it you don’t.”

“Not normally.”

“Would you like to join me?”

“Um, sure,” Will bowed his head.  Abby also bowed her head, leery of any outburst that may come from Will concerning grace.

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