Chapter 26



Nathan drove his jeep a constant twenty-five miles per hour down the bends and turns around Mount Frisia and South Point and then up to the Bellen’s.  Having been there already once before to talk to Abby he was comfortable in his way, despite the quickly falling snow.

* * * * *

Abby had mixed in the ground pistachios with the egg, cardamom, and flour batter and poured the mix into a pan to put in the oven.  The raw batter was delicious and Abby was sure she could eat the whole batch if she allowed herself.

After putting the cake in the oven, she checked that everything else was ready for dinner.  She had moved the lasagna from the oven to the microwave to keep warm.  The string beans and butter were essentially finished in the saucepan and would just need heat.  The risotto would need some final preparation, yet was simmering fine.  She checked the place settings on the table to be sure they were in order and determined that if anything went wrong in the next few hours the food would not.

This meeting would have the same outcome no matter what Will’s response.  He had always been sweet, cordial to everyone in the past, and for the most part still behaved that way, regardless Abby rightly considered him unpredictable now, on this topic in particular.  Since the news of the dinner guest had been delivered, Will had appeared to be unaffected.  Sure, he had made a couple of slight comments that could have been interpreted as aggressive yet they were not outright hostile.  That had always been his way at his worst, to whittle away and badger by comment until he gained some sort of satisfaction or repose.  Whether he had any ill intentions was hard for her to tell.  Her guard up, Abby did the best she could with what was under her control and prepared a good dinner.  The rest she would have to take in course.

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