Chapter 26



The following evening was uncharacteristically warm for the season and the expected snowfall fell in large wet flakes.  Will built a fire in the lake room and stoked the coals on the bottom until they burned bright orange.  The room was toasty and both reading lamps were on giving the impression that the bay window was a painting of the grey outside if not for the large wet chunks of snow running down the pane.

Will yelled into the kitchen, “The roads are going to be impossible you know.”

Abby yelled back, “He called.  He’s still coming.”

“Well, if he makes it here.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to get him if he gets stuck somewhere.”

Abby ignored his last comment and continued creaming the sugar and the butter in the large clay-mixing bowl.  She decided to make a cake for their guest, or maybe for Mitch, or maybe to relax her and she knew that this evening had the potential to be a disaster.  Abby never considered herself a great baker or cook yet when things became stressful she did a fare share of both.  She had heard on a food show that a favorite around the set was pistachio-cardamom cake so she had the recipe.  That recipe ranked easy on the simplicity scale, always put her in a good mood, and turned out to be one of her favorites.  The cake could have been pistachio cake if the IGA had not had cardamom or chocolate cake if they had no pistachios.  Baking any cake would have sufficed to ease the stress.

* * * * *

Their guest tonight, Nathan Albright, had just moved to the other side of the lake from Fremont.  Nathan decided to move to Willow Lake for a more relaxed pace than he found working in Fremont and had been seeking a position while Abby was searching for someone to help Will out.  He had been commuting to his old job.  This job would give him the chance to work locally in a more intimate setting and he was looking forward to meeting Will.  Abby had warned Nathan that Will did not look forward to meeting him.

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