Chapter 25



“Ok, I promise,” Will’s voice quickened, “now can we go in?”

“In a minute,” said Abby sweetly.  “ I don’ think you can keep that promise by yourself.”

“Now hold on just a minute –,” said Will however he was too late, he had fallen into Abby’s trap.

“There’s no way you an take care of this whole place by yourself anymore.”

“I have been just fine for pert near seventy years and am just fine now.  I told you before I don’t need any one messing around here.  I’ll shoot whoever shows up.”

“You will not Will Bellen.  Your assistant Nathan will be here tomorrow.”

“My assistant?” asked Will.  He had not been thinking of a man at all, certainly not an assistant.

“Yes your assistant, be ready to tell him what to do.  He can help in the studio too.”

“He can stay out of my studio,” said Will, one last stand.

“At first,” said Abby.

“I guess I won’t shoot him.”

“That would be nice, we do have to pay him either way,” said Abby and she bent over and kissed her father on the cheek.

Will took the bottle out of his coat again and offered the brandy to Abby.  She took the bottle and took another nip, “Whoo,” said Abby, “and very shortly we’re going to be talking about this too.”

“I told you it’s an acquired taste.”

Abby handed the brandy back to her father, as he grabbed for the bottle she held the glass tightly for a second before releasing, “That’s not what I mean.”  She then bent over and kissed her fathers forehead.

Will kept his gaze forward into the coming darkness of the new night sky.  He took another sip of elixir, put the bottle away, then zipped up his coat and put his hands in his pockets.

* * * * *

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