Chapter 25



“And I bought it,” said Abby, “she told me that you were secretly a King and I was a Princess and that if you called Quicksilver he would have to come to take me through the clouds.  But first I had to go to sleep.  She could tell me anything.”

“Me too, hon.”

“I saw you from the window looking at the tree.”

“Looking at the tree.  Looking at the sky.  Thinking old man thoughts.”

“Yea, I miss her too,” said Abby.

“Of course you do,” said Will, “the temperature is going to drop.  We should be going in.”

“I wanted to ask you, are you sure about those cables up there?”  Abby was referring to the two cables that went from high in the tree to the studio and the house.

“Oh ya, this summer Connie Zeller brought over his cherry picker and we made sure they were fastened up good.  They’ll hold,” said Will.

“You really think the tree is going to fall into the lake?”

“Well you can see how close the lake is getting.  I don’t want to take any chances.  She’s good and anchored now.”

“Well ok.  I got the house in shape,” Abby was changing the topic.  “Fixed everything back up the way you like it, got all of the laundry done, old mail sorted out, everything dusted.”

“You’ve been a big help Abby, you have, but you didn’t have to do all of that.”

“Dad, you had clothes growing together, and I don’t know what was living in the refrigerator.”

“Nothing that would have stood a fighting chance,” Will was trying to cute his way out of the conversation.

“You got to promise me you will keep it up though,” said Abby.

“Well, sure I’ll do my best.”

“You promise?”

Will now detected a ruse yet was not quite sure what that would be.

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