Chapter 25



Will himself took a nip and shook his head, “It’s got a bite.”

“Elixir, eh?”

Will offered Abby back the bottle and she put up her hand, “Maybe in a bit.”

“It’s an acquired taste,” said Will.  He put the bottle back into his pocket and zipped up his coat.

“What you thinking about out here old man?”

“Just that, getting old.  That’s what old men think about,” said Will.  He smiled at his daughter.  “Would you look at that sky,” Will gestured up through the branches of the giant willow next to them toward the billowy clouds above being slowly pulled across the lake to the new night sky, “no moon behind those clouds yet, the moon rises in an hour and their edges are going to light up like quicksilver.”

“I remember you used to tell me that the Quicksilver was a Pegasus that came from behind moonlit clouds, and that when the clouds raced across the sky it was because Quicksilver and all of the other Pegasus’ were moving them,” said Abby.

“Yea,” said Will, “you used to creep out of bed at night and grab the binoculars by the bay window and try to see if you could see a Pegasus.  Except you called them Begsus when you were, I don’t know four, five.”

“Really binoculars?”  Abby was laughing.

“Really, I would come out to see what was going on and you’d say ‘I lookin’ for kiksilva daddy.  I’m lookin’ for Begsus’,” both laughed at the idea.  “I’d have to chase you to get those binoculars from you and your mother would have to calm you down.  I don’t know what she promised you.”

“She promised me that if I was a good girl, you would get me a ride on a Pegasus,” said Abby.

“And you bought it.”

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