Chapter 25



Abby pulled the pickup into the driveway as the mid afternoon winter sun prepared to set behind her.  She had spent most of the day thinking about Mitch and still felt like a schoolgirl.  Since their first kiss the night before, every moment had become more intense, more enjoyable.

The entire day was not all thoughts of Mitch, Abby knew at some point she would need to tell Will that Nathan was coming to dinner tomorrow night.  She told herself that she could just wait until dinner and have Nathan show up.  That would not be fair to Will, besides, she needed Will to cooperate.  She decided that instead of waiting until dinner she would go talk to Will now.  She needed to talk to him.  She walked into the lit up house and called for her dad.  There was no answer so she headed for the studio.  Walking through the lake room, she looked out the bay window and saw Will sitting on the split log bench talking with the willow again.

Will looked across the lake at the approaching night sky and pulled his hand out of his coat pocket to scratch the bottom of his chin.

Abby walked up behind him and touched his arm, “You got any of that ‘elixir’ dad?”

Will looked at her, “What?”

“The brandy you keep in your pocket,” said Abby.

“Uh, sure,” Will unzipped his coat a third and reached into his inside pocket.  He fiddled for a moment and then pulled out the half-pint of ginger brandy then handed the bottle to Abby.  Abby pulled her hands out of her pockets opened the bottle and took a long sip.

“Oooh,” Abby put the palm of her hand to her lips, “it burns.”  With a hint of a laugh she said,  “Wow, you drink that stuff.”  Abby handed the bottle to Will and put both of her hands into her coat pockets and let her back go straight to somehow push the warmth of the alcohol through her faster.

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