Chapter 24



Mitch put his skates in his duffel bag.

“Why don’t you give me yours as well,” said Mitch.

“Are you sure?”

“No problem,” said Mitch, the corners of his mouth rising with a grin.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, you can get them tomorrow.”

Mitch and Abby held each other by the waist walking to the road and then to the back parking lot of the fairgrounds where his truck was parked.

Once Mitch and Abby were away from the lamps of the rink and the streetlights of the village were to their backs the sky opened up a myriad of stars.

“This is some thing you don’t get in the city,” said Mitch.

Abby stretched her arms, smiled, paused, and then said, “This is something I do miss.  You know, on a clear night we have at least three stars in the city.”

“Ha, ha,” said Mitch.  “Ha, ha,” said Abby.

While Mitch and Abby walked they tried to identify constellations even though neither knew more than the big dipper.  The truck was in the center of the parking lot and no one drove through while they walked.  Abby leaned back on the tailgate and put both hands in her pockets.  Mitch put his gear into the box of the pickup and then turned around and leaned on the back of the tailgate next to her with his hands in his pockets.

“Oh the hell with it,” said Mitch, and he turned to the front of Abby, took his hands from his pockets to firmly hold her waist and placed his lips on hers.  Abby put her arms around his shoulders and pulled his neck close, putting more pressure on their kiss.  The kiss was long and after their lips had touched, they gently placed each other’s foreheads against one another and let their eyes meet.  They both smiled.

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