Chapter 24



“I told you,” said Abby, “ a bit rusty, but I can skate.  How about you.”

“Whadda ya mean?  You saw me playing hockey all night, I got moves.”

“The moves of a lumberjack.”

“Ouch,” said Mitch, “ok, watch this.”

Abby turned and lined up along side Mitch as he launched forward, and then turned backward.  He held up his hands for acknowledgements and Abby clapped, and then Mitch held up one finger, looked back for a second for clearance, and then lowered himself.  He bent his skating knee down to the ice and extended his other leg, the whole time gliding, a backward shoot-the-duck.  Abby clapped again, and right then Mitch fell backward on his bottom.  She skated over and pulled him up as he brushed away the ice.

“Not bad with hockey skates,” said Abby.

“I can do more.”

“Just skate next to me,” said Abby, and Mitch did.

They held hands once more and continued to circle the rink oblivious to the other couples and older children that were out on the ice with them.  They skated until the whistle blew for the ice to clear and circled one last time holding hands firmly all the while.

When Abby exited the ice she could have easily left her skates on all night not bothering her in the slightest.  She was floating on air.  When Mitch and Abby did sit down on the bleachers to take their skates off she complimented him on his skating prowess and he returned the compliment adding that she must be getting some time skating in the city.

“Not like this,” said Abby.  Abby was not sure if the difference was the ice rink or the company she was keeping while on the ice.  Abby was swooning.

“I suppose not,” said Mitch his eyes moving out to the ice, up at the black satin blanket with the amber lamps blocking the stars, and then over to Abby.  He thought she was referring to the place.  She was not.

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