Chapter 23



Caroline and Abby, as well as other watching family members and friends, enjoyed the game.  After the last period was finished the girls and twins went down to the boards to see the fellas and to compliment them on a good game.  Brian and Mitch glistened with sweat and each had a hand towel to wipe their face and dripping brow.  Caroline raised both hands, cheered, and clapped as she had throughout the game.  Caroline was possibly their biggest fan next to Lilly, cheering the whole time as well.  The boys smiled and waved as they went to the locker room to clean up and get their gear together before heading over to the Stone Tavern.

Caroline was not surprised when Abby told her that she wanted to stay in the village to have a beer with the boys at the tavern.  She asked Abby if she needed anything before she went then gave her cousin a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Abby reminded Caroline that there was wine in the back of the car.  Caroline told her that she would take care of the wine and then opened the doors of the pavilion into the new dark night.

While Abby waited for the boys to finish in the locker room she sat on the bottom bleacher and leaned back against the seats behind her with both hands in her pockets.  The teal Zamboni was rounding the rink and Journey played on the sound system.  She thought that when fifty years should pass the ice rink would still be playing Journey.  She closed her eyes and thought about a boy she knew in junior high school that danced with her to a Journey song so many years ago.  His name was Bobby Haremon.  Bobby was skinny, shorter than her, with dark hair, and dark eyes.  He was funny, and cute as a button.  To dance then was to hold each other close, a loose hug really, and move slowly in a circle.  Thinking back, the dance was not so spectacular, however Journey and the right boy, was the recipe to swoon in his arms.  Though she wanted him to, she did not let Bobby kiss her, that was not some thing she did in junior high.  There were other boys and other dances and there was always Journey, “perhaps that was the formula,” she thought.

* * * * *

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