Chapter 22



“Rescued?  How so?” asked Abby.

“Well ferrets are not omnivores they are carnivores, they cannot digest rabbit food, much easier for them to digest rabbits, though cat food worked just fine to bring Podo back to health,” said Mitch.

“Oh that is so sweet.  You rescued the little meat eater and the food chain.”

“Ha ha, sarcasm, nice,” said Mitch.

“I’m sorry,” said Abby.  “You were sweet.  You are sweet.  What ever happened to the little guy?”

“I left Podo with a girl when I left school one summer for a job and while I was away she gave Podo away and went off to Europe.”

“Ouch,” said Abby.

“Ya, ouch,” said Mitch.

“Were you and the girl still together when she left for Europe?”

“Yes, we were together, sort of.  I mean there had been a mutual break up because the girl had graduated so…”

“I see,” said Abby.

“Ya, she was the first love of my life and I thought I was mature enough to handle the separation and ended up heartbroken.  I continued writing letters throughout the next school year and eventually followed her to Europe only to finally realize the relationship was over.  Then I went to Prague to drink away the sorrow of love lost in the most romantic city in Europe, if anywhere.”

“Prague, how beautiful,” said Abby.

“If you are ever a young adult just out of college and want to go somewhere to forget your problems, Prague is, or was the place to go,” said Mitch.

“I wish I had known that when I finished school,” said Abby, “I could have used a place to forget about the loss of my brother.”

“You know I formed a band in high school that only knew three chords?” said Mitch.

“Three chords eh?” Abby lifted her brow.  She knew what Mitch was doing.

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