Chapter 22



“Ah,” said Abby, “I see it.”

“And the skiers for the most part have sneakers on, and if they do have boots, it’s one of the few times they have ever wore them.”

Abby looked at the feet of the diner’s patrons and began to laugh.

“You just made that all up,” said Abby.

“Right this minute,” said Mitch.

Abby thought the diner quaint to city restaurants and liked the relaxing way the waitress eased over with the coffee pitcher already in hand to fill their cups, though Abby still ordered tea.

Mitch wanted to ask Abby about Will, he knew that must be what was bothering her, yet he did not want to upset her again now that she had returned to her jubilant self.  He continued with small talk and that was fine with Abby.  Mitch told her about his day, his shopping trip, and his morning playing guitar.  He did not tell her of the Ode to Abby, he thought that would have been creepy.

“Would you look at that,” said Abby.  She had noticed something outside the window of the diner.

“What?” asked Mitch.  He had missed whatever she had seen.

“I just saw a white mink, or weasel scurry up that pine right outside the window.  That’s rare.”

“You never see them around people,” said Mitch.

“I think I have only seen one ever with a white winter coat.”

“You know I had one for a pet when I was in school,” said Mitch.

“You had a mink, or a weasel, or whatever that was?”

“Well a cousin.  I had a ferret named Podo after the ferret in the movie ‘The Beast Master’.”

“A ferret?  Really?”

“Ya, I adopted Podo from some girl off campus.  She didn’t know how to raise the animal an she gave him the cliché name.  Podo was almost starved when I adopted him.  The girl had been feeding him rabbit food so I had really rescued Podo.”

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