Chapter 22



The diner was an old Silk City prefab with lots of stainless steel and pink neon in the windows.  The diner had been built in the early sixties when the summer business first started to boom by the lake.  Today the diner was out of place next to the older IGA and an outright anachronism to the old Stone tavern.  Though initially seasonal, the diner was now open year round and many of the locals often ate there, including Mitch.

Abby and Mitch took a booth near the door.

“I don’t recognize anyone in here,” said Abby.


“You know I can still tell who everyone is.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, there have always been three different types of patron in the diner,” said Abby.

“Seriously?” asked Mitch.

“Sure, there are three classes of customer in here.  You see the year round locals are dressed in comfortable clothes and sit nonchalantly amongst the other patrons,” her fingers waved across the counter.  “The weekenders and vacation home set, also nonchalant.  They however wear newer fashions and brands not custom to the lake.  Now those kids over there,” she gestured to a loud group in a corner booth, “just stopping in on their way to or from the ski lodge on Mount Frisia.”

“Well that’s easy,” said Mitch.

“Ok, ok. That table over there, the people are overdressed for the season, their clothes, jackets, and hats.  What really spells it out is their chattiness with each other and how quickly they’re consumed by the time it takes to either get, eat, or pay for their orders.”

“Very good,” said Mitch, “I can tell the same thing by their shoes alone.”

“No way.”

“Sure, the locals have proper winter shoes and boots that are at least slightly worn.  The weekender residents have brand new shoes or loafers for travel from the house, to the car, to the diner and back.”

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