Chapter 21



Mitch and Brian walked up to the ice rink bleachers carrying their hockey sticks and large duffel bags full of gear.  Caroline had her arm wrapped around Abby.  Abby’s head rested on Caroline’s shoulder.  Caroline consoled Abby, still the fellas could see that both had been crying.  When the girls saw the two helpless men watching them they both started to laugh.

“We look that bad, do we?” asked Abby.

“You look like two beauties,” said Mitch.

“I take it we missed something?” asked Brian.

“I’ll fill you in later,” said Caroline.

Abby sat up and wiped her eyes with her gloves.

“Here,” said Mitch, he offered the girls a small package of Kleenex that he had in his pocket, “these should help.”

“Thanks,” said Abby, she wiped her eyes and nose.  “I must look ridiculous.”

“Not at all,” said Mitch.

“You know, you fellas are early.  No fair sneaking up on us,” said Caroline.

“We thought we could get some practice in inside before everyone shows up,” said Brian.

“Uh uh,” said Caroline, “ there’s a price to be paid, you will help me get the twins together, and Mitch, you’re going to take Abby for a coffee.”

“Brilliant,” said Mitch, “I can’t argue with that.”

“That would be nice,” said Abby.  “Let me get my things together.”

“I’ll get your skates,” said Caroline.  “You go on and we’ll see you when you get back.”

“You can just put them with my stuff, I have to drop it inside,” said Mitch.

Abby got up and gave Caroline and then Brian a hug.  Mitch gestured toward the indoor arena with a turn of his head and Abby stepped up, waving to the twins as they came off the ice.

Mitch looked good to Abby in the bright sunlight.  Mitch smiled at the children and though the sun reflected on everything around them, his face still managed to stay in the shade.  His unconventional handsome face looked more boyish outdoors.  Like a dark haired cherub, Mitch’s cheeks puffed like a babies when he squinted in the light, giving him a completely new dimension than his inside look.  Abby also liked the sporty black jacket Mitch was wearing over his jersey.  The jacket gave Abby a different perspective than the canvas coat she had seen Mitch in that last couple of times they were together.

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