Chapter 20



“Well, we have to put a stop to this.  Did you tell Dennis not to sell to him anymore?”

“I didn’t even think of it.”

“I’ll grab the kids, lets go tell him now.  What was he thinking anyways?” said Caroline.  Caroline stood up and raised her hand to get the twins attention.  Abby grabbed Caroline’s arm and eased her back down to the bleacher.  “There’s no point banning him from the liquor store, at least not until I talk to him.  He’ll just get pissed off.  Besides he’ll probably just drive the twenty miles to Fremont to get what he wants anyway.”

“You have a point,” said Caroline, and then she asked the question spinning in Abby’s head, “So what are we going to do?”

“It’s time for me to do what you suggested this morning,” said Abby, her blue eyes welling with water and her cheeks turning flush, “listen to my heart.”

* * * * *

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