Chapter 20



Abby looked down at the bag in her arms, she was not going to take this back to the ice rink.  She checked to see if she still had Caroline’s keys in her pocket then turned up the road toward the parking lot.  When Abby got to Caroline’s Subaru she opened the back hatch then put the bag into the car beneath a blanket.

Caroline saw Abby returning to the bleachers and exited the rink to join her.  The children had just gotten back out on the ice and would be good for a few more laps.  Caroline noticed Abby’s eyes moving from the sky, over to the rink and then beyond to the fairgrounds.  Caroline wondered if Abby was searching for something or someone.  Abby was a few feet away and intently staring past Caroline when Caroline realized Abby’s head was somewhere else.

“I take it you found some answers,” said Caroline.

Abby turned to her cousin.  Abby focused her eyes on Caroline.  Caroline took her by the arm and the two sat down.

“More like questions.  Apparently Dad has been making trips to the liquor store on a daily basis for quite some time.”

“Well honey, I’m sad to say I’m not surprised.  This has to have been going on for a least the last year.”

“A lot longer than that.  According to Dennis over at the liquor store Will’s been making regular purchases since he started working there nine years ago.  About a case of wine and half a dozen bottles of brandy a week, nine years Caroline.”

Caroline’s hazel eyes grew large.  “That is surprising,” said Caroline.  “How could we not have known that?”

“How would you have known?” asked Abby.  “There was no one in the house to watch him.  I bet this has been going on since Michael died.”

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