Chapter 20



“I’ll save you some time and grab his wines for you so you don’t have to search them out,” said Dennis.  He set down his puzzle and circled around the counter.

“Thanks,” said Abby.  This struck her as peculiar that Will would have a particular flavor that Dennis would know to grab and wines as well.  Then she remembered, ‘drug of choice’.

“How often do you see my Dad?”

“I work six days a week here now,” said Dennis while he pulled down the wine, “so I guess I see him in here most every day.  A couple times a week at least.”

Abby faced away from Dennis when he said this and good thing because her eyes went wide.  As Dennis came back around the counter Abby composed herself.  “So you see him every day, how long has that been going on?”  Abby smiled as if to insinuate that the fellas had been hanging out together.

“Well, lets see,” Dennis paused briefly, Abby thought she might have a date as to when this started, “I started here almost nine years ago, so I guess it’s been at least nine years.  Almost every day.”

Abby tasted acid in her mouth, “So your old friends?”

“I guess you could say that,” said Dennis, “anything else?”

“No thanks, that’s it,” said Abby, “oh, I almost forgot, don’t tell him that I was in here.  I’m making a surprise dinner for him and wanted to make sure I had everything he liked.”

“Our secret,” said Dennis.  “It’s nice to see ya.”

Abby could not wait to get out of there.  She paid Dennis for the wine and brandy then took the bottles out of the store.  Abby stood for a moment on the corner.  Surely Dennis had been exaggerating about Will going in there every day.  The wine and brandy could not be consumed that quickly.  Maybe Dennis meant every other day, or twice a week, neither mattered.  Besides, Abby often had more than a few glasses after work and had effortlessly polished off a bottle in the museum late at night after hours while doing research.  That was not an everyday occasion though.  Actually last time Abby drank a bottle of wine alone had been quite a while ago.  Abby asked herself if Will could really be drinking this much every day.

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