Chapter 19



“We’re overreacting, blowing this all out of proportion,” said Abby.  The comment was not really meant for Caroline.  Abby was talking herself out the possibility that she could have missed years of alcohol abuse, denying that any problem could exist with her father.

“You do remember why I called you to begin with?” asked Caroline.

Abby did remember why Caroline had called her in the city asking her to come back to Willow Lake.  Will had launched into a tirade with representatives from his hotel account when one of them mentioned that they might change some of the custom work on the new commission.  Fortunately they put Will’s behavior down to he being a passionate artist yet after they left he did not stop.  Will went into the Stone bar and tried to stir up a fight.  Of course no one would ever fight old Will or for that matter serve him in that state yet he was still too drunk to drive out of there and would not let any one help him.  After Bob Jensen took his keys Will insisted on staying in his truck and that was when the police had come by.  Bob talked the police into calling Caroline to come down to the bar.  Bob knew Caroline could keep Will calm and get him home.  That pushed Caroline to call Abby to come home.  Until then, Caroline too denied the signs that her uncle was ill.

Abby was no longer interested in going back on the ice.  Caroline encouraged her to remove her skates and to go the liquor store across the street and ask about Will.  “It will only take you five minutes,” said Caroline.  Abby did just that, unlaced her skates, and laced up her boots.  Abby sent Caroline and the kids back out on the rink and headed across the street.

* * * * *

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