Chapter 18



Mitch stood outside the cabin door with three brown paper bags labeled Willow Lake IGA.  He had a bag in each arm and a third was cradled between the two, covering his face.  Mitch was singing ‘you cannot hide from love’ as he entered the cabin.  His leather work-boot poked into the open doorway to check the path, then one, two, three steps and the two bottom grocery bags were at rest on the Formica table.  With a pause to sing the songs chorus, Mitch placed the crowning bag on the counter next to the dish rack that still held his plate and coffee cup from the morning’s breakfast.  Inside the bag were bunches of grapes and he reached in and plucked several then popped some into his mouth.

Mitch continued to hum while he voraciously chewed the sweet grapes and then he shut the door and went over to the wood stove to see if any remnants of the morning fire were still burning, popping more grapes into his mouth along the way.  Mitch had natural gas for heat however as a rule, he kept the thermostat low and used the wood stove to keep an even temperature.  Inside the wood stove a charred log brightly glowed.  When Mitch opened the door to the stove the log ignited with a little yellow and orange flame.  Mitch did not need to relight the log.  Mitch put in a few small pieces of wood that he had split earlier in the week then shut the stove up tight.

Mitch then took off his brown canvas coat and unlaced his boots.  The rest of the day was going to be light, a good day.  The day started out good already.  Mitch had gone up to the job site at the Johansson house, swung by Brian and Caroline’s for coffee, and spent the rest of the morning shopping at the IGA.  Mitch was going to take care of the few chores he had around the cabin and then hockey with the fellas this afternoon.  He was glad to hear Caroline mention that Abby was going to be at the rink.  Indeed this was going to be a good day.

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