Chapter 17



“I don’t think like that,” said Caroline.

The more Abby talked through Will’s predicament the more she convinced herself that he needed family around to help him.  The more Abby was convinced Will needed family to help him the more she was convinced that she wanted, needed, to get back to the city.  By the time Abby was finished making her case the only thing she had convinced herself of was that she needed to get somebody into Will’s house so that she could get out.

Caroline had heard something very different, “It sounds like you might need to stay longer.  As much for your sake as for his.”

“I just told you I need to get back to the city,” said Abby.  She stood up and began to pace.  Abby thought she had made a riveting case for her exit.  A case that convinced her, at least, that she could get out of this.

“You need to calm down dear.  My god, listen to yourself, and not just your words but also your heart,” said Caroline.

“What is it your trying to tell me?”

“You shouldn’t be running from your father, you should be running to him.”

“Run to him?  I ran all the way from the city for him.”

“It’s a metaphor,” said Caroline.  “You haven’t caught him yet.”

* * * * *

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