Chapter 17



“Sounds like fun.”

“Well I already told him your coming.”

“Sure, when?”

“This afternoon, after family skate, after the kids get out of school.  You can go to that too.”

Though Caroline and Abby made plans to meet later in the day Caroline could not wait to hear every detail of Abby’s visit to the Johansson house.  Abby repeatedly complimented Caroline on the work underway and Caroline in turn repeatedly shifted the conversation back to Mitch.

“There is something else I wanted to talk about,” said Abby.

“Uncle Will,” asked Caroline.

“I told him I am bringing someone in to take care of him and he went cold.”

“Well I can’t say that I’m surprised.”

“Me neither, actually the whole thing went better than I thought.  I backed down before I got too much of a rise,” said Abby.

“With the way Uncle Will’s been recently there was a real risk that he may have gone on a bender,” said Caroline.

“I may have reeled him in when I asked what mother would think of his self destruction.  He was definitely contemplative this morning.”

Caroline got up from the sofa, “What do you intend to do next?  You certainly can’t go back to the city so soon.  Will needs help on a daily basis.  This is obvious to everybody except Will.  I’m concerned that if you leave so soon there would be no helping Will adjust.  There needs to be some transition time between family and a caregiver.”

Abby’s chest tightened and she began to speak at an accelerated pace, “Whether I am here or not does not make a difference.  He does not listen to me. He does not want me here.”  Abby paused. “I’m afraid I’m coming off as though I am trying to dump my father on you.”

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