Chapter 16



On that long restless night the Bellen family came together again.  Abby found herself in the lake room peering out the bay window at the darkness and the glowing grey blanket of the lake hovering within.  There were no phantoms floating in the mist before Abby yet her mind was clouded with the ghost of what Will had said.  Of course he would have told her brother the many things needed to carry the Bellen legacy and had the cancer not taken her mother there would have been so much more her mother could have shared with her.

A father has his son and a mother has her daughter, or so was their family dynamic.  Will loved his daughter, the Bellen family was full of love, Abby however was under Emily’s wing.  Will and Abby did not know how to be alone with each other.  Abby was never daddy’s little girl.  Abby was in her teens when her mother passed and was in college when Michael was killed.  Will and Abby had essentially lived separate lives.

Abby felt she knew why.

Outside the window Abby could not help notice, large in the dim lit sky, the silhouette of her mother’s weeping willow haunting the horizon.  Her eyes fixed upon the tree and thought went to the time Abby spent with her mother before she died.  Abby knew that Emily would not want Will to continue on his downward spiral.  She knew not just because her mother had instilled in her the same compassion and gentleness that her mother held within herself.  Abby knew because of a promise that was made that had already been broken once with Michael.  As the cancer ate away at Emily, she asked Abby to watch over her brother and father.  After Emily passed Abby took the unrealistic request seriously.  The request was not taken so seriously by her brother, he thought the need ridiculous, or by her father, distancing himself from Abby because she reminded him of her late mother.  The request was the essence of Emily reflecting the glue that held the family together, the concern for each other’s well being.  Michael and Will had rejected that compassionate concern.  Abby felt she failed Michael and now was not sure how deep she would have to go for further compassion if Will rejected what she had available for him.

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