Chapter 15



“Yeah, I suppose you told Michael,” said Abby.

Will tapped his fingers a little faster as the tea was taking too long.  “Well, they’ve ordered some new urns,” said Will, “you’re cousin and Brian.  Urns and pots, some discs.  Good amount of work.”

“That’s great,” said Abby.  “What would you like in your tea?”

“Oh, uh.  Like yours, I like it like the way you make yours.”

Abby added milk and honey to the tea, took the cup to the table, and sat across from Will.  He was quick to have a sip despite the steam.  Will curled his lip, “This is great, good tea.”

“It’s tea,” said Abby.  Abby decided this was as good a time as any to have the conversation she wanted to have with Will so she started, “so I need to get back to the city in a week.”

“So soon,” said Will, his blue eyes formerly somber now lighting up as he took another sip of tea, “that’s a shame.  You just got here.”

“Well, I’ll clean this place up before I go.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“And then, I’m bringing someone in to look after you and to help keep the place up,” Abby had taken her shot and was poised for Will’s reaction.

There was a pause, Abby expected that, and then Will took another sip of tea.  “You know,” said Will, “I should drink more tea.  Yes, I think I will.  It tastes so much better than coffee.”  Will examined the sides of the cup as if there were some label of confirmation, “feels good too.”

“You heard what I said.  I’m bringing somebody in to help you out.”

“Black Breakfast Tea, that’s the stuff,” said Will.

Abby’s jaw clenched, “I am going back to the city and you can’t be trusted to take care of yourself.  Don’t pretend you don’t hear me.”

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