Chapter 15



“You should see the place.  Brian and Caroline really know a thing or two and Mitch is doing a great job.  I think it’s going to be a real nice resort.  It’ll stir up a lot of business for the village and lodge.”

“Can’t say we don’t need it, lodge almost went under again last year, new owners bailed, sold quick.  That house is still going to be an eye sore though.  I grew up with that thing looming over the lake, been empty most of my life, half my fathers too.  Gives me the creeps,” said Will, he shook his jowls, “Ahuhuhuh.”

“Well, it’s not going to be empty any more,” said Abby.

“Still gives me the creeps.”

“There were some old urns up there,” said Abby, “a lot like ours but different somehow, nothing I’ve ever seen you make or in the scrapbooks.”

“They’re ours all right.  Your great grandfather made them custom.  Thick as hell so he could carve down the ivy.”

“I’ll have to tell Mitch he was right.”

“That’s how we ended up out here you know.”

“I thought we were on the lake further back than that.”

“The property was in the family further back but we didn’t start hauling urns out of here until your great-grandfather built the studio and wood kiln to make those urns in particular.  His pottery studio had been in Fremont.  This isn’t the Bellen’s first,” said Will.  “Built the business selling to all the rich people on the hill here, and in the city, then other cities, and so on, and so on.”

The flames licked the bottom of the kettle which started whistling at first a low pitch and then higher.  Abby pulled the kettle off the burner and poured hot water into the two waiting cups to steep the tea.

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