Chapter 15



“Mind if I join you?” asked Abby.  She removed her coat.

“Please do, please do,” said Will graciously.  “I heard the old truck pull in.  I hope it ran all right for you.”

Abby hung her coat on a hook next to the door, “Yeah it was fine, thanks.”

Will brought his elbows to the table, clasped his hands, and then began tapping the ends of his fingers together.  “Hey, Abby, about the Stone Bar –.”

Abby interrupted, “That…”

Will now regretted mentioning the bar.  He had not even had a cup of tea yet.

“I’m sorry,” said Abby.

Will did not miss this window.  “You’re sorry,” he opened his hands to her, “no I’m sorry honey.  I forget myself sometimes.”

“It’s ok,” Abby turned away from Will and walked over to the open tea cupboard.

“I forget myself too,” said Abby.

Abby saw the empty can of coffee and understood Will’s sudden inclination for tea.

“You wanted a black tea?” asked Abby.

“Yeah, the ‘Black Breakfast Tea’, that’s the one I like,” said Will.

Abby took out the honey and two tea bags, one Earl Grey and one black tea, and placed them into two cups.  She then put the rest of the tea back into the cupboard and closed the door.

Abby realized that Will had not had an afternoon caffeine fix and decided she should ease off, or at least be subtle.  She was right to think both were relieved to put yesterday’s incident behind them.  Still Abby’s back was to Will as she straightened the counter and sorted his dishes from lunch.

Will dropped one hand onto his knee, put his back to the wall, and began tapping the table with the other as he watched Abby straighten the counter.

“So what did you think of that big old monstrosity up the hill?” asked Will.

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