Chapter 15



Will went into the house to get more coffee.  The coffee can Will kept by the automatic drip in the studio was empty.  He opened the yellow cupboard above the counter and pulled down the can kept there only to find few grounds inside.  “How long since we had coffee in the house?” he thought.  Shuffling further behind the sugar packets and cubes, the pink and yellow sweeteners, and the honey, produced no coffee.  Will pulled out three boxes of tea instead.  Holding two boxes in one hand and the other at arms length he tilted his head back to read the label.  This did not satisfy Will so he reached into his pocket and put on his wire frame glasses for another look.

“Ok then,” mumbled Will, “herbal assorted mint, raspberry… no.”  Will set the box on the counter and inspected the next.  “Bergamot.  Ughh.”  Will set down the Earl Grey and turned to the last box that read ‘Black Breakfast Tea’.  Will smirked and nodded his head.  He tapped the box on his palm and scanned the kitchen.

The kettle was on the back of the counter.  Will grinned, set the box of black tea down by the stove, and then filled the kettle with water from the tap.  Will put the kettle on then sat down to wait.  From the driveway came the sound of the pickup.  Abby walked into the kitchen to see her father sitting peacefully watching the stove in anticipation.  Abby stood for a moment contemplating whether to leave him for a while or to get the conversation over with that she had been dreading.

“Hey there, what are you doing?” asked Abby.

“I, am having, a cup of tea,” said Will, as if he had been planning a cup of tea all morning.

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