Chapter 14



“So you don’t like the ‘every body knows your name’ thing, eh?” asked Mitch.

“It’s not that in so many words.”

“What do you mean?  I kinda like it.”  Mitch leaned his back against the counter picked up a spoon and began to stroke the end.

“It’s just that here I am ‘Will Bellen’s’ little girl, and there, I’m ‘Abby Bellen woman-of-the-world’.”

“I thought Caroline said that you girls had a great time growing up.”

“We did, it was great, and I wouldn’t trade it.  But I had to get out of here.  I mean after,” Abby hesitated, “after my mom died, and then after high school.  I had to get out of here.”

“Your Mom, right, sorry.  Caroline told me about her, said she was some kind of firecracker artist.  Caroline said she was an inspiration.”

“Yeah she was all of that all right.”

“That had to be rough dealing with the cancer, being a teenager, losing your mom.  Good thing you had this whole community to support you.”

“To support me, to remind me everyday, to treat me like I was broken.  That’s exactly why I had to get out of here.”

“You still won’t catch me in the city, but I think I get it.”

“What do you get?”

“I get the ‘where nobody knows your name’ syndrome, I guess it works for everybody that moves around.  Nobody knows you so you can invent yourself.”  Mitch turned and placed the spoon he had been fiddling with into a mug and unplugged the electric pitcher that had already heated the water to a boil.  “Here you felt you were ‘Will Bellen’s daughter’,” said Mitch, “ there you invented Abby Bellen, the great curator.”

“And you Mitch Carlson, your not from here, who were you before you reinvented your self?”

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