Chapter 13



“An investment group from the city hopes that the place will become a premier spa, bed and breakfast sort of thing.”

“Ah, how nice.”

Mitch showed Abby the rooms on the main floor she had missed coming in.  Then he took her upstairs and showed her the bedrooms to be decorated in contemporary style, each of course with a separate bath.  Three tradesmen were at different phases of construction as Abby walked through the upstairs rooms.  A lot of the interior was complete still Abby could see there was trim work, painting, and stucco yet to be done.

The third floor consisted of luxury spa suites overlooking the lake.  These two and three bedroom suites were larger than Abby’s fourth floor city apartment and loaded with amenities.  In the middle of the grey marble bathrooms were stone hot tubs and glassed-in showers that had water jets floor to ceiling in every corner.  The views were better in the luxury suites then two floors below.  On the horizon to the north, Abby could see Fremont and to the east, she could see skiers on lift to the top of Mount Frisia, the large hill at the lakes southeast corner.

“You know these will fill up,” said Abby.

“You still haven’t seen my pet project,” said Mitch.

* * * * *

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