Chapter 13



“It seems solid enough,” said Abby.

“For the most part.  I wouldn’t trust these old wooden steps though.  Most of them are rotten.  They’ll be replaced this summer after the new gas lines are run for the pool.”


“An infinity pool.  Right here under the terrace,” said Mitch.

“And overlooking all of that,” said Abby.  Abby rested her eyes closed then inhaled deeply taking in the brisk air and the whole of the lake and countryside.  She opened her eyes and relaxed her shoulders, “Not a bad day at the office.”

“Except for the ice road across the lake,” said Mitch, “It looks pretty much the same as it did a hundred years ago.”

The ice road ran from the IGA in the village to the South Point Inn on the other side of Willow Lake cutting the distance and time off the trip from one side of the lake to the other December through March.  The ice road was the road that fisherman used to get to their ice shanties in the center of the lake and snowmobile enthusiasts made part of their route when riding the trails.  The ice road also created a direct route of travel to the ski lodge on Mount Frisia.  Abby did not like the ice road much and could not wait to get from one end to the other when she needed to travel across the lake because the thought of driving over the ice in something as heavy as a vehicle always churned her stomach.

A slight wind chilled the terrace.  “That’s from the lake,” said Mitch.  “Let’s go back inside.  I’ll give you the grand tour.”

The two went back into the house that now seemed far warmer than when the two had stepped outside.

“So who is paying for all of this?” asked Abby.

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