Chapter 13



Yesterday Mitch excited Abby.  How could she not be attracted to someone that spontaneously performed a song in her honor?  She certainly felt physically attracted to him at the bar although that might have been the beer.  Abby feared today may be different.

When Abby stepped through the door Mitch greeted her by yelling across the house.

“Hey there Abby!”

“Hey Mitch!”

“We’re up front.  Watch your step coming out of the mudroom and across the kitchen, and head into the sitting room!”

Bright lights bounced off fresh white paint in every room Abby walked through.  The sitting room was a large room facing the lake with a large angled fireplace on the corner of the outer wall.  A chandelier cast out yellow light onto the walnut floor and left a dim shadow in the fireplace.  Abby decided that the chandelier was faux crystal because there was far too much to be real.  From the sitting room Abby could see Mitch’s reflection in the next room from a dimly mirrored set of shelves behind a bar.  Mitch was standing in front of the bar talking to one of the carpenters.  He looked stunning to her.  Abby’s heart beat noticeably faster.  She felt a definite attraction today.

From where Abby stood she could see the lake vista.  Newly seated bay windows faced north and east.  Through the north window Abby could see the cerulean midday sky blanketing the horizon.  The eastern window overlooked the terrace and the glassed-in porch.

Abby gestured toward the outside terrace, “Can I go out there?”

“Sure.  Just a second though, it might be better if I come out with you.  It’s a bit rickety in spots.”

Mitch finished his conversation with the carpenter then joined Abby.

The two went out on the porch and then out the door to the wooden deck terrace.

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