Chapter 12



As a girl Abby would wake each morning and patter out of her room to find her father in his chair reading the daily paper and her mother at the table with her watercolors and brushes, often trying to capture the hues of the morning sky.  The sunrise was to Emily what Mont Sainte-Victoire was to Cezanne.  Abby’s mother would set everything aside to greet her daughter and pour her juice.  Emily and Abby would then discuss their day’s agendas, decipher a dream Abby had the night before, or go over homework to be turned in that day.  At some point Michael would roll out of bed and sleepily join the group.  Will intermittently chimed in to report a news story he found interesting or outrageous, usually having to do with the local community or politicians.  Will considered both ‘backwards’.  Then he would go to the stove and start to prepare the morning feast of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and on weekend’s stacks of pancakes.

Breakfast was the Bellen family’s time together.  Young families lead busy lives and the Bellen family was no different, rising early because they would rarely convene again as a family until the following morning.

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