Chapter 12



What Will and Tom did not know is that the girls were going to surprise them by staying at the cabin through the winter.  They had fulfilled their obligation of finishing school and had bargained with their parents for a year off before starting their next endeavors.

The boys had a surprise for Emily and Mary all of there own, they were not saving up for a car.  At a late night bonfire at the end of August, under a full moon, the boys executed their plan.  After a full fireside meal they asked the girls if they wanted to go canoeing in the two canoes they had borrowed for a morning fishing trip.  Each took a girl in their canoe and they paddled out together onto the lake.  The lake was bright as daylight.  The girls suspected nothing when the boys made an excuse for each canoe to go a separate way.  The boys had done well to hold their ardor and let the evening do their talking.  In the middle of Willow Lake with blankets wrapped around them and moonlight shining down, Will proposed to Emily and Tom proposed to Mary.  To the relief of the young men, both of the girls said yes.

Tom Anderson and Mary Allen were married and moved into the cabin until a house could be built some years later.  William Bellen and Emily Allen were married and moved into his father’s family home.

Will and Emily loved the western shore and every morning the couple would have their morning coffee in front of the big bay window overlooking the lake, warmed by the fuchsia, tangerine, and lilac hues that escorted the rays of the sun.

The next few years the two were happy alone with each other, and with Will’s father.  The children were neither planned nor unplanned.  They had wanted children and let fate happen.  Michael, Will’s protégé to carry on the Bellen craft, came first followed a bit later by his sister Abby, every way was the shadow of her mother.  Where Michael shared his father’s cool demeanor, Abby’s electricity filled the room like her mother.

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