Chapter 12



Tom’s car turned out to be not very dependable.  Returning back home to Willow Lake the car broke down and would not run again.  This did not deter Will and Tom.  They made their next few visits to see the girls by hitching to the university until Tom’s father took pity on them.  Tom’s father had said that he appreciated the boy’s determination yet there would be no benefit to anyone if they were found frozen at the side of the road.  The boys themselves had thought that would happen on more than one occasion.  Tom’s father lent them his car every other weekend to get them through the coldest months.

The year could not go by fast enough for Will.  When the weather got warmer, Will started hitching again so that he could see Emily as often as he could.  Emily missed a few classes yet still graduated in May without her parents being the wiser.  Then Emily and Mary went back to the lake for another amazing summer.

The four easily fell back into the routine of boating, swimming, late night bonfires, shared six packs of beer and steaks from the IGA.  Will and Emily worked side by side each day and Tom and Mary spent their time together at Mary’s cabin.

In the fall Will took on some shifts at the IGA and Tom added some shifts to his normal schedule.  The girls wondered why the boys were spending so much time working rather than spending the precious little summer that was left with them.  The boys told them that they were trying to scrape together the money for a car so that they would not have to hitch the extra distance this winter to see girls in the city.  The city was much farther than the university.

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