Chapter 12



Will and Emily never talked about September.  When time came for Emily and Mary to go back to school Will and Tom stayed up with them all night and then saw them off.  There were no tears or long faces.  The boys saw the girls off with the same upbeat energy and humor that had been with them all summer.  The girl’s car was not even out of site when the boys put their hands on their hips and looked at each other.  Will scratched his head.  Emily and Mary were both feeling the same way.  All four of them already feared the absence of each other’s company.

Emily and Mary wrote the boys often telling them about the classes they were taking, the activities they were involved in, and campus gossip that really meant nothing to anyone in Willow Lake.  Occasionally Emily sent Will sketches of the world around her and he would pin the puppies, hippies, and university buildings on the wall.  Emily even sent a sketch of Mary once.  Will gave the portrait to Tom.  Tom bought the beer that night.

Will and Tom were not big on writing so they decided to climb into Tom’s car to go see the girls.  The girl’s parents allowed them to live in a small off campus bungalow their senior year.  Emily made buttered noodles and bread – the bread burnt – and Mary made chicken.  Will and Tom bought the biggest bottle of cheap red wine they could get.  Friday night was a feast and Saturday was a headache.  Will and Tom had never been to the university before so the girls said they would give them a tour of the campus, which never happened.  None of them left the bungalow until Sunday when the time came to drive back to the lake.

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