Chapter 12



Will was not only sketching butterflies and trees.  At times Emily would look up from her sketchbook to find that she had become the object of his study.  Her body would go warm under Will’s blue gaze.  On Will’s square jaw a constant sultry smile that Emily could not resist to mirror.

Emily sketched everything.  For Emily each page in her sketchpad was a prototype for a painting.  Emily sketched with pastels when she could because the true subjects for Emily’s paintings were not the objects themselves rather the colors in the light within and around them.  She lived in a universe of varying shades of illumination and her passion was to capture them.

Will’s father commented that he did not ever remember seeing Will sit still for so long as when Will posed for Emily by the lake.  When Emily gave Will the watercolor portait he told her the wondrous waterscape could have been some far off sea and not Willow Lake at all and that the radiating color made him look some how courageous.

Emily stayed up late with Will as he tended the kiln.  She told him of her plans to collect sunrises from different places around the world.  They spoke of Notre Dame and the Seine, the Pyramids and Sphinx, Crete and Knossos, and The Great Wall and The Forbidden City.  Will wanted to go to all of the places where Bellen pottery had gone before them to gather sunrises as well.  Will and Emily together listed all of those places they would pass along the way so as not to miss the sunrises of the Mediterranean or Caribbean while their ships sailed in the early hours.

William Bellen was a sweet, kind, generous boy and Emily Allen was falling in love.  William had no need for a fall.  Will’s heart belonged to Emily Allen the first time she stepped into the studio.

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