Chapter 12



When not with Mary and Tom, Emily and Will would explore the many trails in the wooded hills surrounding Willow Lake sometimes disappearing for the whole afternoon.  This prompted Will’s Father to go on about both of them slacking on the work that needed to be done around the studio.  He really could not be happier for both of them.

On rainy days Will and Emily stayed in the studio and marveled at each other’s artistic skills.  Will had been raised a potter and, a master of the kick wheel, could bring up tall pots, squat pots, vases, and cups.  While at the wheel Will explained to Emily what he was doing.  Emily took her turn at the wheel next to Will and made mess after mess.  Will came over to Emily, put his arms around her, placed his hands gently below hers, and guided her.  With Will’s guidance Emily was able to even out the ball of clay to the center of her wheel and then indent the center in the right way so that the sides began to rise.  Will explained to her that this was the dance of the clay.  As he spoke, her neck quivered.  When the spinning wheel stopped, Emily held a small pot and Will held Emily.  Their eyes were closed, frozen in the moment.

Emily in turn helped Will with his sketching.

Will always carried a notepad and a pencil in his back pocket.  He was ready for a fiddlehead fern at the edge of a trail or a cardinal perched in an almost any hidden tree.  Every small bird, leaf, and flower was captured in his sketchpad as an ornate possibility for his pieces.  Will’s sketches matured to full designs and lines of pottery and he would explain to Emily how important he thought the ornamentation could be if done the right way.

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