Chapter 12



“It is so hot today Will, let’s go swimming,” said Emily.  She ran to the end of the dock and dove into the clear water of the lake.  Emily surfaced fifteen feet away, her head bobbing above the water.

Will was still sitting on the dock with his mouth open.

“Well,” said Emily.

“I’m coming.”

Will tried to stand so quickly that he forgot his legs were crossed.  He tumbled over the side of the dock, blue jeans, t-shirt, soda, and sandwich in hand.

Will stood up next to the dock, the water at his waist and t-shirt soaked, still holding his soda.  Emily, concerned for Will’s safety, wanted to call out to him to ask if he was ok.  Instead, she could not help herself from laughing uncontrollably.

“What’s so funny?” asked Will, the corners of his mouth pushing his cheeks up to his dripping ears.

Will placed his soda on the dock.  He waded a few feet out into the lake and then, still wearing his clothes, dove toward Emily.  Will surfaced when he got to Emily.  She immediately started splashing water in his face to which he splashed back.  They played in the water and then went up to the soft green grass by the shoreline where they dried themselves in the warm air of the hot July day.

Through the rest of July and all of August a day did not go by that Emily and Will did not have lunch together.

Emily had come to Willow Lake with her twin sister Mary and the two shared a cabin on their parent’s property that was the size of a small house.  To make spending time together easier Will and Emily set Mary up with Will’s friend Tom.  Tom’s parents owned the IGA grocery store kitty corner from the Stone Tavern.  The four of them went boating, swimming, and had late night bonfires with six-packs of beer and steaks from the IGA.

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