Chapter 11



“Are you ok?” asked Caroline.

“It’s not me,” said Abby.  “It’s him, and he doesn’t see it.”

“I know,” said Caroline, “That’s why I called you to begin with.”

“You were so right.  He’s like this every day?”

The door to bar opened and out walked Terry Enders.  Terry could not avoid Abby because she was right in front of the door.

“Hey there, you okay?” asked Terry.

“I’m fine Mr. Enders,” said Abby.  Long since retired, Terry had been one of Abby and Caroline’s schoolteachers.

“I’m sorry my father was so rude to you.”

“Abby dear,” said Terry, “ Your father has been there for me when I’ve needed him many times over.  We all need to blow off a little steam sometimes.”

“He upset every one in the bar,” said Abby.

“The only person he upset in the bar, just walked out and is talking to me right here,” said Terry.  “Your father is a good man.  Good night.”

“Good night,” said Abby.

* * * * *

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