Chapter 11



“Why thank you Jodi,” said Will when the beer was placed in front of him.

“No problem Will,” said Jodi, holding the rocks glass in one hand and pouring whiskey with the other.

Jodi set the rocks glass next to the pint.

Will raised his brow and said to Terry, “Now that wasn’t so hard was it.”

“Lay off him and go home,” said Abby.  She was now standing just behind Will.  “You need a drink so bad you need to be a bully?” she asked.

“Whoa, now hold on there,” said Will.

Terry turned toward the television at the other end of the bar and everyone sitting at the bar in earshot pretended not to hear.  Mitch, Brian, and Caroline were a few feet away and were coming closer until Abby held out her hand for them to halt where they were.

“Whoa nothing,” Abby’s voice was quiet, “you might think you can get away with being nasty in your studio but this is the real world.  How dare you bully these nice people?”

Will was caught off guard and did not quite know what to say.  Will started to stutter a sentence, “Well just a minute Abby, I was just –.”  Abby cut him off, “– Just a minute nothing.  Go home Will.  Go home.  This has to stop.  You don’t understand what you’re doing to yourself.”  Abby turned and walked to the door.  Mitch and Brian followed.

Caroline sidled over to her uncle, “Listen to her uncle Will.”

“Storm’s a comin’,” said Will with a wink.  Caroline raised her eyebrows, looked to the door, back to her uncle, smiled, and then she too walked out the door.

When Caroline joined the three outside Abby was moving both of her arms up and down to shake out whatever negative energy she felt could be expelled through her fingertips.

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