Chapter 11



“What’s taking Jodi so long to pour a damn beer and a shot,” Will thought to himself as he continued the small talk then half-heartedly laughed at a comment he really did not hear.  The world around Will was secondary and out of focus.  To watch Jodi talking to someone else at the end of the bar was frustrating for him when he had not even been served yet.  Will clenched his jaw.  Jodi had just taken some money from another customer and was about to ring them up.

Terry was still going on about some hockey game and how he thought some coach had made an unfair call.  Will was not paying much attention to Terry anymore.  Terry realized this and tried to get Will’s attention.

“Will, what do you think?”

A pause.

Terry asked a second time, “What do you think Will?”

Terry began to ask a third time and Will snapped at him in a raised voice, “I don’t really care what call he makes Terry.  I just want Jodi to get me a beer!”

“I hear ya,” said Jodi across the bar.  “I’m comin’ right over.”

“That’s fine,” said Terry.  “No point getting uppity.”

Everybody else on that side of the bar heard Will as well, including Abby.

Abby and Caroline looked at each other and then up at Will fidgeting at the end of the bar — tap, tap, tap with the hands.  Jodi was holding a pint glass with one hand and the beer tap down with the other, as if that would make the beer pour any faster.  As soon as the beer neared the top of the glass Jodi eased up the tap at a pace just slow enough to put a head on the beer yet fast enough to let Will know that he was working with a sense of urgency.

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