Chapter 10



“Aren’t you talented,” said Abby.

“That’s the only song I know,” said Mitch.

“I doubt that.”

“Well maybe a couple more,” said Mitch.

“I bet you do,” said Abby.

“He does, don’t buy the modesty act,” said Caroline.  “Let’s see if he’s talented enough to read a menu.  I’m famished.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” said Mitch in a mock laugh as he took the menu Caroline offered him.

Instead of reading at what was on the menu Mitch was peering over the top at Abby.  Her cheeks were full and she was glowing after all of the laughter.  Mitch realized he had stared too long into the light and had to avert his eyes when Abby began to lift her head from the menu.  Abby had not noticed.  When Abby lifted her head she saw Mitch intently studying his menu.

“Do you know what you’re having?” asked Abby.

“So many choices I’m not sure.  It all looks good,” said Mitch.

“You should try the child’s menu,” said Caroline.

Mitch mockingly laughed again, “Ha, Ha.  You are full of them tonight.”

“Maybe if you looked at the menu a bit more instead of Abby you would find something,” said Caroline.  She had noticed Mitch’s prolonged gaze in Abby’s direction.

“Probably a burger,” said Mitch.  “Yes, a burger and sweet potato fries.”

* * * * *

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