Chapter 10



‘If you had a chance

to meet this girl

You would know

why I feel this way.

Mary Love is the loveliest

girl in the world

now she is gone away.

But she left with Mark,

John, Paul, and Rob

so with them I wish she’d stay’

The bar filled with laughter and the violinist changed to a quicker rhythm that, with the accompaniment of the guitar, created an upbeat jig.  Two couples near the dance floor got up and began to dance and Mitch repeated the verse in time with the music and went into new facetious verses.  Abby had thought Mitch’s demeanor calm and cool.  Contrarily his exuberance had the whole room clapping in time.  The bow of the violin melodically sped across the strings with a melancholy cry that fit the song well.  The song was a comedic dreadful story of a man abused by a lover, named Mary Love, that he could not escape.  No matter how many times she would cheat and leave, she would always come back.  The man attempted to hide everywhere, yet to no avail, which came out in the chorus:

‘You can try to hide in the valley below,

You can try in the mountain above, but,

You cannot hide,

You cannot hide,

You cannot hide from Love.’

Mitch and the guitarist had both stood up by this point and were tapping to the rhythm.  Another couple was dancing and the air had turned electric.  The music of the last verse slowed then rose to a crescendo for the last chorus then stopped abruptly to everyone’s applause.

“Thank you everybody,” said Mitch.  He winked at Abby and then shook the duos hands before returning to the table.

“Told you you’d love that,” said Caroline.

“Who wouldn’t,” said Abby.

The three at the table clapped again as Mitch approached to sit down and Brian picked up the pitcher and topped off Mitch’s beer.

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