Chapter 10



Mitch and Abby went back to the table to join Caroline and Brian.  Bob Jensen, owner of the Stone Tavern, was at the table.  Bob was complimenting the couple on the party and goading Brian as to whether he felt any ‘worse for the wear’ at forty.  After Bob stepped away, the pitchers began to pour.

The acoustic duo finished another harmonic number then announced they were taking a long break then began talking amongst themselves.  Mitch excused himself and walked over to the stage.  Abby could see that Mitch and the duo were friends by the ‘bro-hug handshakes’ they exchanged.  She saw them scan the table then focus back on her and suspected that Mitch was requesting some sort of song.

One of the musicians walked the three steps to the back of the stage with his guitar in hand and took a violin out of a case.  Caroline tapped Abby on the arm when, instead of putting the guitar down, the musician handed the instrument to Mitch.

“You’re going to love this,” said Caroline.

Mitch sat on the musician’s stool and the violinist stood to Mitch’s left while the other musician picked up his guitar and took a seat back on his respective stool.

Mitch spoke into the microphone, “I got the boys to do one more quick song.”

Mitch looped the thick black leather guitar strap over his neck.  “This is to make up for winning a pool game,” said Mitch fixing his gaze at Abby.

Mitch began to strum the guitar slowly.  Abby felt the warmth of her cheeks flushing and was giddy in her stomach.

“We don’t have a drummer so we’ll need everyone’s help when the time comes.  You’ll know when.”

The violinist serenely followed in behind Mitch.  Mitch began to sing a slow, sappy, sweet verse.  Abby had the urge to go for the door.  The verse was a simple rhyme scheme and a few lines that switched from serious to comedic.

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